Don't be this guy; control your inventory
TimeClick software records employee time and provides management reports.
Access your system securely from any location.
Use PBS Accounts Payable to control your cash flow and timely payments.
Bring your payroll in-house, hosted on your system for security and maximum control.
Focus on controlling your business with our software.
Control network security with best-of-class FortiNet appliances.
Call us today at (417) 864-4404 to discuss your business software needs.
NCR CounterPoint can give you complete control of colors and sizes.
Get a complete Affordable Care Act control program, not simply a form printing utility.

Citrix offers several on-line programs to add productivity to your business.

We use and recommend Citrix GoToAssist to provide support to our clients.  If you are a computer consultant or in any way provide remote support via a network, GTA is for you.  At the end of the billing period, you can print reports showing everything you've done, with billable time down to the second.  All of your session notes are shown.  This will prove to be a real money maker, because your billable work can't easily fall through the cracks.  We can't recommend this service highly enough.  Click the GoToAssist icon in the column on the right to get information direct from Citrix.

Citrix also makes other powerful online support products, and you can get information about any of them by clicking the icons on the right.


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