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It is time to get rid of CounterPoint 7


I want to emphasize that I still work with customers who are running CounterPoint 7, and if you need help I'll try to help you. I am making money off the situations when I help CounterPoint 7 customers, and this is my business. But this is becoming increasingly challenging, which is why I wrote the following message.


Although it was a great program for its time, that time has passed. You got your money's worth out of your investment, because you couldn't have bought it less than ten years ago.

The fact is, if it crashes today the odds of getting it to work again and still have your data is slim.

The last three times I've tried to help orphan clients get their CounterPoint 7 systems running again have been little short of disastrous.

You system is probably running on old hardware, and every hard drive has a finite life.

Tape backups can fail, so if you're still using tapes you need to test those backups. The survival of your business may depend on it. Assuming that your backups are good is a dangerous thing to do.

Do not cherry pick when you're making backups. Backup EVERYTHING including the top-level directory (usually named syn, syn75 or something similar). I will be happy to connect to your computer and help you identify the files you need. Unless you are extremely proficient at restoring and rebuilding crashed computer systems, do not try to guess about this.

Installing or reinstalling CounterPoint 7 is very difficult because sometimes obsolete hardware, software and operating system requirements cannot be met.

It can be especially disastrous if you don't have your registration information, because nobody on this planet can generate a new registration code for you. Unless you already have a registration code for a newer version of CP you are stuck forever on the version you're currently using. Get on your System Registration screen right now and hit Ctrl-P to print that screen, and put the printout in a safe. If you have a Windows system you should also do whatever you can to try to find and save the Pervasive software registration keys.

Start shopping now for a replacement while your data files are still intact. Most data can be transferred to a new system, or at least left on the old system running in a back room for occasional reference.

It's likely that the new computer system will be completely deductible under Section 179 of the tax code. Check with your tax advisor.


Please act today and start searching for new software.


Read my original page about CounterPoint 7, which is still accurate, here.



PBS Food Service Payroll

The Passport Business Systems Food Service Payroll program, with the Affordable Care Act Software module, simplifies and streamlines payroll processing for restaurants and food service operations, as well as the Hospitality Industry in general. Reduce your operating budget by saving money on an outside payroll service and much more.

  • Manage different pay rates for employees. Handles multiple job functions at various locations.
  • Track direct and indirect tips.
  • Print your own checks or enable Direct Deposit.
  • Monitor Affordable Care Act compliance year round. Helps companies avoid costly penalties due to oversight made during the calendar year.
  • This software is compatible with many restaurant POS systems.


This is a video that gives a pretty extensive look at the program and how it works. The video is about 21 minutes long and will launch in a new tab. It is produced and is copyrighted by Passport Software Inc.

Food Service Payroll video

 More information is also available on Passport's website if you click here.


Buffalo Red Logo


Network Addressable Storage

Buffalo Technologies has been in the forefront of wireless technology for wireless applications since the beginning. That's why we like the products they make, they figured out early that processing power, memory and connectivity features are paramount. We can sell the full line of products that Buffalo makes, but we focus on two critical areas.

Buffalo Terastation 3400D


Buffalo makes a wide range of Network Addressable storage devices, all are sold including drives that you know are engineered to work well. There's nothing left to do except configure them on the network. We recommend using them with either Retrospect Backup software or Microlite software, depending on the operating system. They come as either rack mount or tower configuration (shown) and are compact enough to be easy to locate in a physically secure place on your network.

You can grab a PDF here.




 Wireless Routers

We also prefer the Buffalo wireless routers based on the DD-WRT open source software for most small business applications. The routers are powerful and full-featured, and can usually be upgraded to include new wireless features and fixes as they are released.


Buffalo WSR 600Buffalo WZR-HP-AG300

You can download a PDF about the DD-WRT NXT wireless routers here. The NXT technology is the latest, fastest wireless technology.



For businesses that require more integrated wireless technology and monitoring, such as businesses that must be PCI-DSS compliant, we recommend Fortinet Next-Generation Firewalls with FortiAP wireless access points, with built-in monitoring and logging. The specifics of your business requirements are the paramount factor, and we can discuss your requirements.


CryptoPrevent Malware Prevention

CryptoPrevent is a small security solution that uses some of the advanced policy functionality built into Microsoft Windows operating systems to prevent various ransomware and other malicious programs that encrypt the contents of your computer. The bad actors then demand money in the form of Bitcoin to provide software keys to unlock your files. They do this in a way that prevents ordinary people from tracing the threat to its source.

You can read about Ransomware on Wikipedia.

According to its maker:

CryptoPrevent is an Anti-Virus/Security Software Supplement, originally designed to prevent infection from the CryptoLocker threat which emerged in late 2013. Since that time, CryptoPrevent has grown into a robust solution, providing protection against a wide range of ransomware and other malware.

CryptoPrevent doesn’t stop there.  We are continuing development efforts to expand the software into something more than just a ‘security’ solution.

Is CrytoPrevent a one-stop anti-virus solution? Not on your life. But it can be a critical element in your security.


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