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Don't be this guy; control your inventory
NCR CounterPoint can give you complete control of colors and sizes.
Get a complete Affordable Care Act control program, not simply a form printing utility.
Bring your payroll in-house, hosted on your system for security and maximum control.
Control network security with best-of-class FortiNet appliances.
Focus on controlling your business with our software.
TimeClick software records employee time and provides management reports.
Use PBS Accounts Payable to control your cash flow and timely payments.
Access your system securely from any location.

Providing computer software, products and services to Southwest Missouri and the surrounding region.


We're serious about finding the right software solution for you.

We sell and support full-featured accounting, point-of-sale, inventory control, distribution and manufacturing software to small and medium businesses.  If you started as a Mom and Pop, but Mom is no longer the bookkeeper and you need reliable software that goes beyond the starter software you've used since you began the business, we want to talk to you.

We have been working with clients and vendors since 1981 to find, learn and utilize the best products available to make our client's computer systems work reliably and to give the best return on investment. Our focus is on results and on achieving the maximum usage from the software and hardware that you've purchased.

The categories you see above demonstrate our areas of focus.

Accounting software should provide rigorous control over your money and resources. That demands true accounting with debits and credits, an audit trail and reporting that helps prevent theft and fraud. It also means a complete set of features that are flexible enough to satisfy most businesses, yet complete enough to make customization unnecessary in most cases. We have a full-line accounting software package in Passport Business Systems; a first class specialty Point of Sale application in NCR CounterPoint; ERP software for manufacturers from Passport; TimeClick software from Hawkeye; and new for 2015 we have Affordable Care Act control software from Passport.

All of these programs allow access from reporting tools such as Crystal Report Writer, as well as Microsoft Excel and Access, and other SQL reporting tools.

Security hardware and software is integral to our product line. Kaspersky Labs makes the best-in-class antivirus software in the marketplace today, with the flexible configurations that will fit your business no matter its size. Fortinet makes the Unified Threat Management devices that provide the best-in-class firewall and security devices on the market. CrytoPrevent is an inexpensive program that provides an extra layer of protection to combat the rising threat of ransomware.

As part of your system security, you must have reliable backups, and we include backup software as part of our security offerings. Retrospect is an excellent, flexible and comprehensive program that will backup Windows, MacIntosh and Linux systems. Microlite is a workhorse program that we have used for decades, and provides reliable backups for Unix and Linux only, but we still prefer it for its straightforward configuration and support of nearly any backup device or cloud service.

We continue to support some customers who use applications that we sold and supported decades ago in some cases, which demonstrates our commitment to our client's best interests. Of course we would like everybody to upgrade to the latest version, but we also understand that business situations change and we always place our client's interests first. The products that fit these categories are SCO Unix, CounterPoint Version 7 and Transoft. Transoft uSQL is an updated application, but we sell it to support CounterPoint 7 customers who use the SQL Connection module.

There are a few products that don't seem to fit neatly in any of the above categories. Citrix makes excellent products that are a combination of software and web services, and which we use on a daily basis. The one that is integral to a support person is GoTo Assist which we highly recommend. They also make GoToMyPC, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining. If you're involved in supporting, training or meeting with other people who use computers, these are the best programs available.

Buffalo Technologies is another company that makes two lines we like. One is a line of wireless routers which use DD-WRT firmware, a very full featured and secure wireless platform. The other is a full line of network addressable storage devices that are extremely useful for fast local backups.

We also provide many additional services, depending upon the needs of our clients. We have nationwide contacts with other consultants, and if we can't provide a service you need, chances are we can find an expert to do exactly what your business requires.




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